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Sep 13 2014 1:00 PM SEP 13 2014 1:00 PM
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So its been a good minute and I have posted anything in along while but figured I'd start.

After about a good number of sites after the last year+ I have finally gotten tot he bottom of the list... Leaving a little spare time (knock on wood!)

I have started back into what got me into computers... 3D Modeling. 

I have bounced around checking out some new and some old but updated programs. Boy has 3D changed! Being able to model something right in a browser without Flash or some crazy plugin!

Right now my favorite happens to be tinkercad.

Its basic, but allows for some great complex shapes if you can wrap your head around what it consists of... (VERY Much like my old days of "Adobe Atmosphere..." R.I.P...)

Anyways my passions being numerous at this point... Dance, Computers, Transformers, and now 3D (again)... What makes it so interesting is the ability to even "print" this so I can then see it in person. My work right now is adding on to Transformers... Later I would like to take on the task of potentially making my own Transformer.

Anyways check out some of my work...

Sword #1...

Shapeways has some restrictions that has forced me to look to other printers. They have a strict... 10CM rule on size for (weapons.. swords, guns, etc...) Which for what I am wanting to do on some of my projects I need closer to 20CM... This sword is 10CM blade, and a total of about 12CM. The blade and the handle are two pieces and fit very snug. It cost me about $20 to print as I decided to try the snazy transparent and a solid white... It would only cost about $15 (with shipping) to print if I went with the regular.

What it looks like printed...


Age of Extinction Bumblebee holding the sword...

Pretty happy with the results. It doesn't even need glue to hold the sword blade to the handle. I plan to eventualyl paint the handle and parts of the clear plastic. Overall the blade itself is about 10CM long. The sword will fit just about any Transformer that can hold a 5mm handle

I have a few other projects ill be posting soon. One of which is a sword standing over 18CM tall. 

And I am also working on some connector pieces to build "Stands" for Transformers.

Some future things ill be writing on this is how to optimize your 3D models for printing. As I have learned a lot recently on how to do this. Along with grouping your prints in a manner that gives you more plastic for your dollar! 



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