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Sep 25 2011 10:02 PM SEP 25 2011 10:02 PM

Been a few days...

So I realize its been a few days sense I last posted. But I promise Ill have something to post soon. I am currently working on a entry/vote contest for Once I am done with this ill have some more to write about. It is utilizing some CSS3 tricks along with JavaScript to animate portions of it.

Along with this I am working on a small side project that will create sitemaps and even give detailed reports on your site. I have built the crawler portion, but thinking I am going to minimize the sitemaping element so I can make it for free. While I will make the reporting parts a paid element.

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Sep 15 2011 11:43 AM SEP 15 2011 11:43 AM

HTML ValidationImportance of Validating HTMLFixing Cross Browser Issues


Recently I ran into an issue with IE 8, but all the other versions of IE and Firefox, Chrome, and Safari looked just fine! Some of the sites I work on happen to get extremely large and the CSS, HTML portions get split up over several files. Because of this often times its easy to miss something. Especially when there has been 5-6 developers in that section over time.

When dealing with Cross Browser support I find that HTML validation is a must. It may not resolve every issue that comes up to bat, but it will certainly help on some crazy pesky issues.

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Sep 12 2011 5:35 PM SEP 12 2011 5:35 PM

CachingRecent Additions to the Site

JQuery | Javascript | PHP | MySQL

Lately I have had "caching" on the brain and have been working on a decent way of caching.

So far I have found that caching is obviously faster and in XML format makes it really easy to iterate through in Object format.

My methods so far are

  1. Checking a database table for current cached item information.
  2. If it has an expiration date or does not exist the feed needs to be cached.
  3. If needs to be cached - Caching will grab the feed via curl, fopen, or file_get_contents()
  4. Feed will then be stored in a file in a specific directory on the server. 
  5. Database will either be updated or inserted with feed information.

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Sep 11 2011 2:00 AM SEP 11 2011 2:00 AM

Development TheoriesUI Testing all guessing?Product Strategies

Tutorials | Websites

Something I have been saying for a long time now is how the Web World is a guessing game. The same thing can be applied to many other occupations. Facebook, Twitter, and so many other "start ups" that have succeeded in becoming a house hold name in the beginning had no idea if they would be viral.

Facebook had a humble beginning that lead to a insanely addicting social network that allows you to connect with everyone you know and their trash cans. Twitter provides us with a 140 characters or less thoughts. Which is nice as Facebook friends to give us WAY to many details about their lives.

Suddenly with these two start ups they created a new fad. Status updates!

What does this all mean? Basically they chimed in on what they thought to be a "hole" in the market. This hole they filled or rather created.

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Sep 9 2011 8:00 PM SEP 9 2011 8:00 PM

Unix TutorialsUnix for BeginnersUnix how to.

Websites | Unix

Recently I ran into a great Unix tutorial. It goes in great detail explaining the basics and goes up into some more advanced commands.

To say the least Ill just give you the link...

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Sep 8 2011 12:41 PM SEP 8 2011 12:41 PM

Special Characters to HTML EntitiesJavaScript character entitiesEnty tool - Escape special HTML


Recently I posted about HTMLEntities and a PHP function that can convert crazy characters and such to their HTML form.

Along with this I posted about encoding types. Let me first say that these two go hand and hand. When dealing with funky characters such as "éœ∑´®†¥ˆ˙ƒ." And then throw in different page encoding's such as UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1. If you take those same characters and POST them or output them from a database to a different encoding type you might soon find them to be entirely different.

Frustratingly enough there is tons of methods to fix this issue, but found only one method to work for my situation. It basically involves changing the characters to their HTML variants before being saved to the database.

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Sep 7 2011 9:57 PM SEP 7 2011 9:57 PM

UpdateSite Updates

Few updates to the site -

  1. Added social media to the site such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google plus.
  2. Added drop down menu for my personal information.
  3. Fixed an issue when I would input a code example any time I would have to edit the post I would have to almost rewrite the example.

Much more to come...

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Sep 6 2011 11:56 AM SEP 6 2011 11:56 AM

Wysiwig Editor Example Code IssueConvert special characters between certain tags.TinyMCE example code

HTML | PHP | Websites

One of my issues lately with my CMS system has been the TinyMCE (Wysiwig Editor). Doing example code has been extremely painful. As everytime I would go back in to make an edit I would have to rewrite the examples as it would convert it to real HTML and or Javascript. Because of this I found myself wasting a lot of time fixing these articles every time I would make an edit.

Luckily I found an easy fix. I switched from using blockquotes to pre tags with code tags. Not only this but I found a PHP script that cleans the code behind these tags to make things as they should be.

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Sep 4 2011 9:00 PM SEP 4 2011 9:00 PM

Auto PaginatePaginate with and without Javascript

JQuery | HTML | Javascript | PHP | MySQL

Recently I did a post about website loading. Which had me thinking... Paginiation! Its a lovely device that allows you to not have to display all the content on the same page. There are so many forms of pagination and pagination theories. One of which is a newer method called. "Auto Pagination." It is seen on many sites such as local pages on google and several others.

It basically detects the "windows" scroll and once a certain position on the page has been achieved it loads more content into the page. Some other neat useages of this window scroll is on when reading an article if you scroll far enough down it will display the next article on the list. But this is about pagination...

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Sep 4 2011 4:00 PM SEP 4 2011 4:00 PM

Website LoadingWebsite Speed, Website ImagesHow fast does your webpage load?

Plugins | Websites

The speed of your website loading is still a common issue with websites. Looking back in the past 56k modems were the majority of people online. Now days its common for average speeds above 2-10MB per second! It would seem that with the increase of the speeds that size would truly matter. However, because faster download speeds are more common larger sites are even more possible.

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