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Jan 15 2012 2:00 PM JAN 15 2012 2:00 PM

Denial of Service AttacksPHP Vulnerbility, (DoS attacks), (DDoS attacks)

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Denial of Service Attacks or (DoS Attacks) or (DDoS Attacks) are a common battle in the web world. They involve a repeated ping or call on a server. The goal is to make the server/website unavailable.

I do my best to keep up to date on the latest hacks and not to mention old hacks resurfacing. One of these issues seems to be coming up again. And that has to do with PHP's $_GET, $_REQUEST, and $_POST variables.

These are excellent ways of creating heavy loads on a server if the maxium allowed variables is to high. Not to mention if each one of those variables is not limited it could potentially unleash a lethal Denial of Service attack on a victim hosing and destroying there CPU's.

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Aug 14 2011 2:00 PM AUG 14 2011 2:00 PM

Hacking the WebXSS Attacks | SQL Injections | DDOS Attacks

Javascript | PHP | MySQL | Hacking

Hacking seems to be a common occurance now days. While it seems to be a somewhat complicated process in reality it is mostly simple hacks that result in tremeduous damage, costs, and lose of data.

Two Types of Web Hacks

XSS and SQL Injections. There are obviously more such as DDOS attacks, but those are short term.

What are they?

XSS is simply inserting Javascript into a page. An example of this is a simple alert.


SQL Injections are a wider range of possibilities. They allow you to delete an entire database, to outputting important information. Or even logging in as an adminstrator.

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