5mm Hands

Oct 7 2014 5:00 PM OCT 7 2014 5:00 PM
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This was a fun little one day project. Basically I have a Transformer (Superion Revenge of the Fallen w/ Snowman add-on kit.)  the add-on kit adds hands that can open and close nicely, however I wanted them to be able to do a bit more. Additionally I made a new sword that is much large than the first one I made. (He has a hard time holding it!)

Anyways check it out...


These hands are 20 pieces total. Once duplicated and flipped. Printing these because it is a multi-part print I had to get a bit creative. And "Sprue" them together.

These connection points are 1mm columns. Most materials should be printable, the only one that I have seen that it needs to be thicker is a "Resin" based material.

By connecting all these pieces together the price of this is able to be MUCH cheaper and requires less labor for the company printing. If I was to print this at home I would not "sprue" this at all and just simply print each individual piece.

Also I did try "caging" this, but the result was about $2-$3 more. And while that prevents the need to cut the pieces off... The result is somewhat more expensive. This will result in the need to cut them then sand it down slightly. 

Once I have these printed ill be back to update this with more pictures! Additionally I will be placing this for sale on Shapeways. Right now White Plastic is looking to cost about $12-$15. 


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