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Aug 15 2013 5:00 PM AUG 15 2013 5:00 PM

SitesCurrent list of sites

Javascript | CSS | PHP | HTML | MySQL | Wordpress | Windows

Here is an list of sites I have done in the last 6+ months.

These sites I basically will cut up the designs and make into workable sites.

Primarly these are all wedding industry...

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Mar 13 2013 7:00 PM MAR 13 2013 7:00 PM

Working ProjectsCleaning up...

Javascript | CSS | PHP | HTML | HTML5 | MySQL | Wordpress | JQuery

It happens... You get busy, articles and writing and everything in between gets left in the dust. Projects are left unfinished and seemingly you can never get the dust off them.

So here it goes I am slowly going to try and clean off the dust off some of the many projects I once started and left semi-unfinished to nearly unfinished.

I roughly have about 15 projects in general. 2-3 which are never ending and the others could be "finishable." All of which that can be "completed" it would be sweet to finish them this year. Though even that may not be easily done.

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Sep 29 2012 8:00 AM SEP 29 2012 8:00 AM

YOUNIQUE BeautyPhotography & Cosmetics

Wordpress | JQuery | Javascript | CSS | PHP | HTML


  • WordPress
  • Modified Theme to Branding and needs.
  • Modified layouts to fit better formatting and user flow.
  • Branding / Colors, Look and Feel.
  • Added "Raves" fader
  • Added extra functionality to Portfolio (hover overs.)

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Jan 13 2011 1:00 PM JAN 13 2011 1:00 PM

Sugar Snap PhotographyPhotography Website

Custom Frame Work | JQuery | Wordpress | Imagemagick | Javascript | PHP | MySQL | HTML5

Sugar Snap Photography

  • Custom Gallery System with CMS.
  • Previewing Gallery for customers.
  • Front page uses JQuery Gallery from:
  • Tons of JQuery affects and plugins.
  • Blog is powered by Wordpress
  • Utilizes Font Face for fancy font changes.
  • Branding done by Marco Suarez

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Jan 11 2011 2:00 PM JAN 11 2011 2:00 PM

Light of the World BalletBallet Company Website


Light of the World Ballet

  • Powered by Wordpress
  • Photoshop
  • Customer can update site at will.
  • #2 Spot for "Christian Ballet Company SEO"
  • #2 Spot for "Christian Dance Company SEO"

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